three person scenes

Three Person Scenes

Original 3-Person Scenes - Adults / Mixed - Ideal for acting coaches.


Two Men-One Woman

Light police drama
Pages: 2+
Characters:  John Casey, 40s;  Tammy, Detective, 35+; Brent, Detective, 35+
Synopsis:  Detectives interview a suspect in murder investigation, which seems to suggest a link to another serious crime.
Pages: 4+
Characters: Davis, 30+, husband; Irene, 30+, wife
Trev, male, 30+, thick foreign accent, a pathetic character
Synopsis: Davis, being a good friend, takes in a heart-broken Trev. Irene is getting a little annoyed with Trev's pity party and asks Davis to send him packing.
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Two Women-One Man

Pages: 2+
Characters:  Ashley, 25+; Brent, 25+; Georgia, 35+
Synopsis: Ashley visits her boyfriend in jail and confesses to lying to him and the police in hopes he will forgive her for putting him there. *Adult subject matter.
Pages: 3+
Characters: Dr. Darling, female, 35+; Jack 35+; Kelly 35+
Synopsis:  Jack and Kelly return to their marriage counselor after completing their individual homework assignments. Jack thinks the homework he did is going to finally allow his voice to be heard, but his wife Kelly still manages to undermine his moment. 

Three Men

Pages: 3 
Characters:  Jack, Talent Manager 40+;  Mike, Producer 40+; Antonio, Actor 25 - 35
Synopsis: Jack brings Antonio in to meet a producer for a new TV show, but their treatment of Antonio is, well ..."Hollywood".
Pages: 4

Characters:  Barringer, 40s, edgy cop; Alex, 25; Chris, 25, war vet
Synopsis:  Alex is captivated by Barringer's story of a bust where he played judge, jury, and executioner of a suspect he caught in the act. *LANGUAGE & MATURE CONTENT*

Three Women

Pages: 2+ 
Characters: Sara, 40+;  Lisa, 25; Beth, 20
Synopsis:  Lisa joins her mother and sister at a coffee shop to discuss her wedding plans. Beth feels obligated to reveal a dark secret about Lisa's fiancé. The response is not typical.
Pages: 3 
Characters: Mary, 30s;  Brittany, 30s; Cathy, 30s
Synopsis: These three ladies try to cover up a man’s death by staging an accident. However, pushing a large SUV over the edge of a cliff is not as easy as they thought.