one man one woman scenes

One Man One Woman Scenes

Original One Man One Woman Scenes written in screenplay format.



Pages: 3+
Characters:  Lisa, 25+; Scott, 25+
Synopsis: Lisa brings Scott home from the hospital. He struggles to remember any thing about his life, especially about Lisa, his girlfriend of 3 years.

Light Drama
Pages: 3

Characters:  Ashley, 30+; Matt, 30+
Synopsis: Matt quit his job to get back together with his old band. His new wife Ashley has something to say about that.

Light Drama
Pages: 2

Characters:  David, 30s;  Samantha, 30's
Synopsis: David discovers his wife Samantha has been hiding her real income from him and it seems to bother him.

Romantic Drama
Pages: 2+

Characters: Mike, 25+ (blind);  Julie, 25+
Synopsis: Julie decides to collect on a rain check for dinner with her neighbor, Mike. Mike has an opportunity to connect with her, but blows it.

Pages: 3

Characters: Kendra, 20+; Marlene, 30+
Synopsis:  Marlene, Ken's agent, confronts him about an audition he crashed for a female role, and learns he's a better actress than actor.

Very light drama
Pages: 3
Characters:  Tom, 45+:  Janet, 45+
Synopsis:  Janet senses something is wrong with a regular customer who only comes in once every Saturday to buy a box of nails.

Cop Show
Pages: 3

Characters: Sergeant Becker 35+;  Tanya early 20's
Synopsis: Sergeant Becker grills his trainee, Tanya, who is on her second probation. Just when she thinks she's on her way out, she graduates.

Pages: 4
Characters:  Linda 21+;  Peter 21+
Synopsis: Linda and Peter end what should be the perfect first date, but Linda's cataplexy keeps them from having their first kiss.
Pages: 3

Characters: Steven, 25+; Kristy, an attractive female plumber, 25+
Synopsis: Kristy answers an emergency plumbing call for Steven's bathroom. Steven is a taken by her, but won't allow her in the bathroom.
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