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MS Original Scenes for Actors ages 8-14 Vol. 1

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A mix of light humor, minor drama, and fun imaginative situations.

12 Original Scenes for Young Actors who training for the professional field of TV/Film Acting.
Scenes are written in screenplay format and are 2 – 4 minutes in length, each with 2 – 4 characters.
Perfect for on camera acting classes and audition practice.
Written by David Dalton and Chad Schnackel

Pages: 2
Characters: Ages 8 – 10
Ashley, boy or girl; Kelly, boy or girl
Synopsis:  Ashley confronts Kelly who is caught taking money from Ashley’s bedroom. Ashley makes a reasonable offer to lend Kelly the money.


Pages: 3
Characters:  Ages 8 – 10
Nomie (Christmas Elf), boy
Tizzler, (Tooth Fairy), girl
Synopsis:  As Nomie prepares the neighborhood for Santa’s arrival, he is met by Tizzler, a Tooth Fairy who is way behind schedule. Nomie offers a solution.


Pages: 4
Characters:  Ages 10 – 14
Arthur, boy; Brad, boy (Arthur’s friend); Kayla, girl (Arthur’s sister)
Synopsis When Arthur discovers his pet hamster (Snickers) is missing, Brad offers to help. Kayla returns home with Snickers and finds the boys have made a mess. 


Pages: 3
Characters: Ages 10 – 14
Taylor & Casey; either boy or girl
Synopsis:  Taylor examines an antique artifact, and when Casey comes to visit, Taylor discovers the object has the special power of repeating moments.


Pages: 3+
Characters: Ages 10 – 14
Elliot, younger brother;
Tina; older sister
Synopsis: Tina finds Elliot in the basement in a zombie-like state, having played video games for three days.


Pages: 4
Characters: Middle School Age
Brian, boy;  Lauren & Haley, girls
Synopsis:  Haley confides in Lauren and Brian that she may have psychic powers. Lauren is skeptical even after Haley demonstrates her abilities.


Pages: 2+
Characters: Ages 8 – 10
Jake, boy (nerd); Sara, girl, (book nerd)
Synopsis: Sara makes her first friend during the bus ride to a new school.


Pages: 3
Characters:  Ages 8 – 10
Mindy, girl; Dillon, boy
Synopsis:  Dillon comes to apologize to his sister Mindy for breaking her telescope. Mindy accepts his apology on the condition that he makes her an official member of his secret tree fort club.

ANDY 4.6

Pages: 3
Characters: Ages 10 – 14
Christine, girl: Jonah, boy: Andy, either
Synopsis:  Christine and Jonah (siblings) discover a discarded android alongside a river. Unfortunately, “Andy” the android is damaged and has no memory of where he came from.


Pages: 2+
Characters: Ages 10 – 14
Kyle, boy; Jessica, girl
Synopsis: Kyle and Jessica are in detention for something Jessica did. Kyle covered for her and she wants to know why since they barely know each other.


Pages: 4
Characters: Middle School Age
Colin & Dustin – boys
Jenny & Wendy – girls
Synopsis:  Colin loses a bet to Wendy and has to say only positive things to everyone he sees in one day. Here, he’s put to the test.


Pages: 3
Characters: Middle-School Age
Conner, boy; Dottie, girl
Synopsis:  As Conner is moving into his new house, he finds a strange young girl in the basement. He soon discovers she is a ghost.


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