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MockSides by the Dozen

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Have you ever had to purchased a huge expensive book of acting scenes only to find one or two scripts that suited your needs? We feel your frustration, that's why we created MockSides by the Dozen. Each of our E-Books contain twelve (12) original scenes categorized by age and/or casting type. Categorized E-Books give you more usable material for the money. Future categories may include: High School Age, Strong Female Characters, Intimate Romance, Young Actors with Adults, Actors over 50, etc. All scenes are written in screenplay format, ranging from 1 - 4 pages in length, with 2 - 4 characters each.

To see what you will get before you purchase, click on the title cover. You can view the Table of Contents, character specs, and scene synopsis. You don't have to be an All-Access subscriber to purchase our E-Books. "MockSides by the Dozen" is perfect for non-members who just need a quick, easy, and affordable download of scenes for a particular category. The contents of these E-Books are available in the Archives for our All-Access Members.

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