adult child acting scenes

Adult Child Acting Scenes

Original Adult - Child Acting Scenes are ideal for
acting coaches who work with both professional adults and youth.


Light Drama
Pages: 2+
Characters:  1 male, 1 teen girl
Buddy, 25+, mentally challenged;  Shelly, 16
Synopsis:  Shelly finds her friend Buddy hiding from the law after being accused of hurting a girl, but Shelly doesn't believe he did it.
Light comedy
Pages: 2+
Characters: 1 teen girl, 1 woman
Veronika, 25, Russian (can also be played by another nationality and language);  Lauren, 17
Synopsis:  Veronika attempts to make peace with her soon to be step daughter, who is not thrilled about her father marrying a young woman.
Pages: 2+ 
Characters: 1 male, 1 girl;
Marissa, 12 year old girl ; Turner, a bodyguard, 35+
Synopsis:  Marissa arranges a meeting with Turner at a movie theater. What she proposes to Turner is outrageous.
Light Drama
Pages: 4
Characters: 2 women, 1 teen girl
Martha, 35+;  Andrea, 14;  Beth, 30s (Andrea's mom)
Synopsis:  Andrea's mom, Beth, is called into the Principal's office to discuss Andrea's suspension due to a fight she had with a boy. The discussion suggests Beth knows the boy's father and a possible relationship that may have prompted the fight.
Pages: 3
Characters: 1 male, 1 girl 
Jenny, daughter, 10 yr. old;  John, father, 35+
Synopsis:  John has custody of his daughter Jenny and takes her to a lounge for dinner. Jenny knows he’s really there for a drink. 
Pages: 3+
Characters:  1 man, 1 teen boy
Coach Duncan, 30+;  Marvin, 14 or 15
Synopsis:  Coach Duncan calls Marvin into his office to discuss his unusual behavior on the court.
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