David Dalton
Actor, Audition Coach and Casting Director
BossPortraitCropDavid has 35 years of Improv, acting and coaching experience. He has worked in the Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles markets, landing roles in over 70 plays, 50 commercials and several TV episodes, such as Friends, Diagnosis Murder, The Journey of Allen Strange, and Easy Money. He has also worked with Dennis Hopper and Nathan Lane as “Larry” in the feature film Swing Vote.
David’s also a graduate of HMI Behavioral Science Center in southern California. He holds several certifications in Behavioral Therapy and is an expert in Suggestibility (unconscious learning). His combined expertise has brought him to develop the Somatic Memorization Technique TM . While coaching and developing S.M.T. with his acting students, he discovered they were not only able to memorize lines faster than the average actor, they were also improving their cold read and audition skills. He and his Co-Instructor began custom writing scripts for their actors in order to focus on specific areas. Over time, they had created a large archive of scripts.
Chad Schnackel
Actor, Writer and Director
Chad has worked in the entertainment Chadnew2aindustry for nearly 20 years as an actor, director, producer, and writer. He received his BFA in Film Production with an emphasis writing and directing from the University of Colorado at Denver and continues to work around the Denver area. He executive produced a feature film in 1998 and has since produced and directed more than 20 short films as well as several featurettes. He co-directed “The Interrogation”, which won best creative short at the New York Film and Video Festival. Chad continues to write, produce, and direct films. He has also cast local and national commercial spots and feature films. As an acting coach, Chad brings a unique filmmaking perspective into the actors craft.
Chad joined David during the development stage of S.M.T. and helped design the S.M.T. Scene Study Guide. His experience and insights to the storytelling aspects of TV and film contributed to the S.M.T. training process. He continues to co-write and contribute original scripts for the MockSides TM archives.