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"MockSides is one of the greatest resources an actor can have...  I had the fortunate opportunity to come across one of their scripts and immediately told my good friend about it. Wes and I loved the content, and we were able to shoot and showcase both the story and our acting. Its great for reels, and great for learning the process of putting a short together. I highly recommend using their sides to learn and work on your craft."

Guy Nardulli – Actor SAG/AFTRA

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Joe Carroll - Actor & Filmmaker

~ testimonial ~

"I stumbled upon Mock Sides accidentally and have never been happier. I used scenes from the site to help myself and my friends practice our acting skills (since acting gigs are very scarce in Nashville) and took to filming some of the scenes for fun. This is a great place for both actors and instructors alike to search for fun, professionally written scenes that will both challenge and entertain."



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